Three minutes with god

In “Three Minutes with God,” Marcel Fillman invites readers on a transformative journey, offering a unique and intimate space for contemplation within the hustle and bustle of everyday life. The book unfolds as a collection of poignant reflections, each carefully crafted to be absorbed in just three minutes – a divine pause in the cacophony of modern existence. Drawing from personal experiences, timeless wisdom, and a deep well of spiritual insights, Fillman guides readers through moments of introspection, encouraging them to connect with the divine in the brief but profound interlude of three minutes.

God: family, country

In the thought-provoking pages of “God: Family, Country,” Marcel Fillman masterfully weaves a tapestry of spiritual exploration, familial bonds, and an unwavering commitment to one’s homeland. Through a series of interconnected narratives and reflections, Fillman delves into the profound connections that exist between faith, family, and a deep-rooted love for one’s country. The book serves as a compelling exploration of the intricate dance between these foundational pillars of life, drawing parallels between the values instilled within the family unit and the broader context of national identity.

As readers navigate the pages of “God: Family, Country,” they embark on a profound odyssey that prompts introspection about the moral compass that guides their lives. Fillman’s storytelling prowess brings to life a cast of characters whose individual journeys reflect the universal human experiences of love, sacrifice, and the quest for meaning. 



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