The Journey of Spiritual Reflection: Behind ‘Three Minutes with God

Embarking on the creation of ‘Three Minutes with God’ was akin to navigating a sacred labyrinth of introspection and inspiration. The impetus for this collection of brief but potent reflections found its roots in my own moments of profound connection with the divine.

Witnessing the transformative power of even the shortest moments of intentional spiritual reflection, I felt compelled to distill these experiences into a daily companion for readers seeking solace and connection amidst the cacophony of their lives.


Crafting each reflection was a delicate dance between brevity and depth. How does one encapsulate the vastness of spirituality within a mere three minutes? This article peels back the layers, offering readers a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the challenges and revelations encountered during the creation of ‘Three Minutes with God.’ From the initial spark of inspiration to the careful selection of themes, each reflection became a snapshot of spiritual wisdom, designed to be easily integrated into daily routines.

Marcel Fillman

Marcel Fillman, the insightful architect of spiritual narratives, was born in the picturesque hamlet of Harmony Springs, where the whispering pines and babbling brooks seemed to carry ethereal messages.

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